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Welcome bonuses for all players

Welcome bonuses are designed to attract new players on casinos. The regular bonuses are offered for newly registered players but can even be shaped in a way so the are received on the first or couple of first deposits.
If a welcome bonus applies for a players first deposit, or in some cases on a players several first deposits the bonus can be used during any time of the players membership. If you would register and wont make a deposit until a few weeks after the welcome bonus would still be available.

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Welcome bonuses how do they work?

Today the competition in the online casino world is big and many casinos are becoming more aware of this and the understanding for the customers doubt and carefulness increases. A player that might have a hard time deciding or in a night registers on multiple different online casinos might not be willing to make an immediate deposit at registration. Many players likes to start a membership with only registration and then in peace and quiet look around on the online casino. One mig go through the registration process, takes time to read what offers are available or feel that one needs to read through the terms and conditions before starting to play. One is not always simply ready to make a deposit at the moment of registration. If you have had a long day behind you but at the same time do not feel like making a deposit before you have read the T&C one can in other words say that they need to wait before they are ready to make a deposit. Rules and terms does not have to be long, this does not mean that they are not fussy, but a lot of players wants to be invested in how the rules works before playing and one does not always have the time or patience to read the rules and terms then and there. Maybe you read the terms the next day and then wait for your salary before making your first deposit. In a situation like that it is not in the players interest to only be offered a registration bonus. You need a welcome bonus that is available for your first deposit, no matter when it happens. Wether it is the first deposit you make directly after registration or several weeks after registration, the bonus has to be available.

A welcome bonus that is available for the first deposit often times have an unlimited time to be used on online casinos. Wether you choose to make your first deposit a week, a month or several months after registration, your welcome bonus will still be waiting for you. A welcome bonus is there to welcome, boost and enrich a players first game experience on the online casino. The make up of a welcome bonus can vary in many different ways.
It could be everything from a deposit bonus, free spin bonus or a boosting bonus. A deposit bonus gives the player a certain percentage on their deposit amount or a set bonus amount no matter the deposit amount.
Often the deposit amounts are specified, for example the demand could be to deposit minimum 20 Euro but maximum 100 Euro. This can be fleshed out in a way that you deposit an amount of your choice and get a set amount as a bonus on your account. It might even be so that you are offered your deposit times x amount percentage. A normal percentage is 100%. A deposit bonus on 100% means that the amount you deposit is increased by 100% for free. In other words you double your deposit and get the double deposit amount to play for on your account. A free spin bonus at deposit means that the casino is giving away free spins in conjunction with the players first deposit. A common example is that you get 100 frees pins on Starburst at your first deposit, an offer you today can see on every casino. Another Common free spin bonus method is to collect free spins at the first deposit. For every 1 Euro you put into your account at the first deposit you get 5 free spins is another common offer.
The games like the free spins are used on is typically in the form of classic games, known and even familiar for the inexperienced player such as the typical game Starburst. Bonuses that are given in forms of boosts often works in this way: the casino puts a minimum deposit demand but in addition to that the casino will boost your deposit amount by a set amount.
An example is a boost on 10 Euro per deposit where the minimum deposit is 20 Euro. The bonus boosts often times wont have a maximum amount on the deposit because the boost is on a set amount and is the same for every deposit.
The casino only regulates a minimum deposit limit to get a value of the deposits before the boost bonus is handed out.

What is a registration bonus?

Welcome bonuses in the form of registration bonuses works differently.
These bonuses are limited to only apply to newly registered players and often times you get the bonus at the moment of registration. The difference is that you are after new registrations instead of offering the bonuses to the first deposit. Depending on what type of player you are, different welcome bonuses are better or worse suited for you. If you know that you want to play on the online casino and have decided to make a deposit a registration bonus could be a good option. You register and often get an instant bonus directly after registration. Some casinos offer registration bonuses in the form of either direct bonuses or free spins at registration without a deposit demand. Bonus or free spins without a deposit demand means that you register and open up an account on the online casino and get free money into your account or frees pins directly. To receive a registration bonus that does not demand any deposit is often uncommon the receive in a wager free format. On the other hand you might find registration bonuses with a deposit demand that are wager free.
Registration bonuses with a deposit demand are bonuses or free spins that are available with a deposit but are only available a set amount of time after registration. They can often times be very generous and have good offers but the downside is that you have to taket hem directly after registration which means that you as a new member wont have any thinking time or have any time to try out and get a general opinion about the online casino you have registered on.

More than one welcome bonus

Welcome bonuses that are available at first or after multiple first deposits are more efficient for the careful player. For the one that registers and maybe wants to get an opinion about the online casino before making the first deposit, this is a good option. Bonuses are often times available for and infinite amount of time and is on the players account at the first or multiple first deposits. For the player that wants to take its time and test the casino in demo-mode, maybe get familiar with the chat or get their account verified before they begin playing its a perfect way to take some time to look around the online casino before deciding wether to make the first deposit for the welcome bonus or not.

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