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Here at wagerfreebonuses.com we first and foremost follow reports, news, updates and the range of wager free bonuses, free spins and casinos of course.
Because we are interested only in the best of the best and the most generous and beneficial bonuses and the casinos, frankly speaking, the options without turn over requirements. The times when we were willing to turn over our money before we could withdraw them are over, to sit and fuss around with a boring turn over requirement is a thing of the past. The future is in being wager free.

The latest wager free bonuses

Here we list the best wager free bonuses of 2019

So what is wager free?

It is not more complicated than it sounds. Even if it is a hard concept for many to grasp and really understand the meaning, because it is a new concept and alien to many, i promise, its very simple when you have taken some time to read up on it.
Wager free means that there is no turn over requirements on a bonus or a free spin. A turn over requirement means that you cant take out a sum of money without turning it over first. Let us say that you have a casino account that has a turn over requirement. This means that your bank account on that casino and its not possible to cash out until you have filled the turn over requirement. All winnings you get are affected by this and it does not matter how you play, you cash out anything from either your account or winnings that you generat until the turn over requirements are met.

A deposit bonus with a turn over requirement means that if you make a deposit and you receive a bonus on that deposit in the form of either a % of your deposit or a fixed amount, your  deposits and bonuses are going to be affected by the turn over requirement.

All bets and winnings you do adds to the turn over requirement but you will never be able to make a withdrawal before the requirement is fulfilled.
If you for example have a deposit bonus on 100% with a turn over requirement for 50 times and you put in 10 Euro the following will happen: You deposit 10 Euro and get a 100% bonus on it and now you have 20 Euro but the account is frozen because of the turn over requirement of 20 x 50, this means you need to turn over 1000 Euro.
This means you have for a deposit on 10 Euro turn over 1000 Euro before you can withdraw your money. This means that if you get a win on on your first slot press, and win 50 Euro you cant withdraw that win.
Even if it is a very nice win in relation to how much you deposited, you will still have to turn over 1000 Euro before you can withdraw it.
The problem that a lot of people are experiencing is that while you are trying to fullfil the turn over requirements you will often times lose your money and winnings. You have more often than not lost your deposit and winnings before you have had time to fullfil the turnover requirements.

If you happen to succeed meeting the requirements and still have money left from a win you will most likely have a much smaller amount than the one you won at the beginning. A win on let say 500 Euro you might not be able to withdraw more than 50 Euro of it since you had to turn over the win and while you were trying to meet the demand, you will lose so much that you wont have much left after the demand is satisfied.
Because of a growing dissatisfaction and because of many bad game experiences that have come up because of online casinos turn over demands have in later years come up with the wager free bonuses and wager free free spins have become more common.

even if might feel known and that you are used to the meaning of what a turn over demand means, your life will become so much easier when you have learnt what the term wager free means!
Earlier when you had a turn over demand for example, 35x a deposit in conjunction with a bonus, it would mean that you need to turn over your deposit+ bonus 35 times before you could withdraw your winnings or even your own money. If you put in 10 Euro and had a turn over demand for 35 times you would need to turn over 700 Euros before you could make a withdrawal. If you get a win in the beginning of your gambling you have a much higher risk to lose all that money before you have had time to meet the turn over demand.

Wager free bonuses how does it work??

Speaking about wagerfree bonuses, how do they work? Well, you make a deposit, you get a bonus on 100% and that bonus has a turn over demand of ZERO!
You dont need to turn over either the bonus money nore your deposit before you can make a withdrawal. But how can this be possible? Can i deposit, take a bonus for 100% my deposit and then withdraw all the money? No you can´t, the meaning is still for you to play. Most online casinos dont allow direct deposits or withdrawals because the T&C often limits the possibility for this through a demand that every deposit is made with the intention to play.
With a wagerfree bonus you can usually not withdraw the bonuses either but your own win and your own deposit you can withdraw without any fuss with a turn over demand. So your games are going faster, the wins can be withdrawn faster and the wins can also be withdrawn on higher sums so you wont risk losing parts of your winnings or in worst case, all of it, in a bad turn over demand.

Collect your winnings immediately

The best wager free concepts has the online casino Viggo-slots mediated. Their bonus is simple, manageable and they have chosen to describe it as simple as it and so precisely, that that every player can understand it:

”Wager free bonuses means that if you for example deposit 25 Euros you will get 25 Euros as a bonus, this mean you will have 50 Euros to play for. Let us say that you with this deposit win 700 Euros. Then you can withdraw 675 Euros, we keep the bonus since it can never be withdrawn”

With this simple description, you can see how easy and smooth a wager free bonus works. The bonus comes without a turn over demand, your deposit is wager free and your winnings are without turn over demands.

The bonus works as a sort of boost for the players. They get through the bonus more chances to spin because the have more money to spin for.
They can not withdraw the bonus in itself but all winnings generated with the bonus the player will keep and can withdraw it immediately, because they wont have to worry about turning over the winnings x amount of times.

What about wager free free spins? They work exactly the same and they are just as simple! You get x amount of spins in a game and the spins are wager free.
According to the old methods, with turn over demands, you could receive winnings with your free spins but because they had a turn over on the spins you would have to wager the the winnings x amount of times before it could be withdrawn.
The risk of losing your winnings on your free spins was extremely high. With the new, modern wager free free spins you wont have to take those risks. All winnings from the free spins are without turn over demands, that means that the the winnings from those wager free frees pins are yours to withdraw whenever you want.

Wager free bonuses are the future

Wager free bonuses are with other words the new, modern and easy way to play on. The winnings are instant, the winnings are bigger and the terms are simpler! It is becoming easier to play, it becomes a better experience and there are more winnings! Wager free is the new way for us and its the only way!

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