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Turn over demands – despite that we are all about wager-free

Turn over demands is a usual phenomena on most online casinos and most of us are familiar with how they work. Even though there are more online casinos that are moving towards wager free bonuses and free spins, there are still the ones that have offers and bonuses with turn over demands and sometimes you can actually find good offers with good turn over demands you just need to know how it works and how to best handle a turn over demand. In this chapter we will go through what a turn over demand actually is, how it works, different ways they can look and general rules and terms. There can of course be other factors, very important factors at that, that will affect your game enjoyment and will be a deciding factor when it comes to the choice of an online casino as well as offers and bonuses on that online casino. A wager free bonuses or wager free free spins are always positive but it is also important to look at all the rules and terms for that bonus or the offer in question. A wager free bonus or a wager free free spin can be heavily affected by rules and terms. Sometimes a bonus offer with a turn over demand could be at least as useful as a wager free offer, depending on the online casinos rules and terms. Online casinos can have hidden terms or very strict rules around a bonus that could mean that the bonus will become very hard to utilise or even become totally worthless, despite it being wager free. If you read our entire chapter about this, you will soon see what we mean.

What is an turn over demand?

The question about turn over demands or not can often times be the deciding factor in the choice of bonuses and online casinos. More and more players are going towards wager free options and online casinos that that offers wager free bonuses and wager free free spins. For many, wager free is still a new and strange concept, and like everything strange it can sometimes fell scary with something new and many therefore choose online casinos with turn over demands or bonuses with turn over demands, just because they know what it means and it feels safer. It is important to keep an eye on the turn over demand because this can affect how much you can possibly withdraw in the end.
The bigger the turn over demand the bigger is the risk that you will lose parts of your winnings before you have met the turn over demand. A turn over demand means that before a player can make a withdrawal, they have to turn over the money on the account. This is usually applied to bonuses bu teven on free spins, turn over demands might occur. If you get a bonus with a turn over demand on X amount you then have to turn over your money X amount of times before being able to withdraw it. Free spins with a turn over demand works like this, you play your free spins, get a win, but before you can withdraw it, you still need to turn over the winnings X amount of times.

A simple formula for a turn over demand is:

100 Euro bonus x turn over demand 35 times = you need to turn over 3500 Euros before being able to make a withdrawal.

Free spins 35 times the turn over demand gives a win for 50 Euro = you need to turn over 1750 Euros before being able to withdraw it.

So how can you fulfil a turn over demand?

A turn over demand can only be satisfied in one way: By playing your win money on your account and turn them over as many times that is required.
But there are some points to think about and also a couple of ways to increase your chances to keep a big portion of your winnings during the time you are turning it over. That means that you will lose as little money as possible and at the same time turn over your money. The first thing to look up before you start with the turn over of a bonus or the turn over for free spins is rules and terms for the bonus or the free spins. In the terms the online casino could bring up things like max bet during am active bonus or max bet with winnings from free spins. They can even name forbidden games to play a bonus on or name a game that does not contribute to the turn over demand. Max bet is important to know because you have to play and make bets to be able to satisfy the turn over demand. If there is a limit for your maximum bet, it is important to never go over that limit during your play time on the online casino. As well it is important to read the rules and terms if there are any games that you can play on with your bonus money or free spins or if there are games that does not contribute to the turn over demand. There is a difference for the rules ”Forbidden games to play on with a bonus” and games that does not contribute to the turn over demand.” While forbidden games to play are to be avoided because this could mean that your entire money account or at least the bonus and winnings could be at risk of disappearing, you can often still play the games that does not contribute to the turn over demand.
Forbidden games usually means that you are not allowed to play or bet on the games while you have an active bonus or have bonus money on your account.
Often times these rules are shaped in a way so that the money and bonuses are completely gone if the player is playing any of the forbidden games with the bonus money. Games that does not contribute to the turn over demand can often be played without taking a risk of losing your money and bonuses. These games are still recommended to be avoided because they do not satisfy the or contribute in anyway to the turn over demand. That means if you spend several hundreds of Euros in the game, the demand will not go down. So it is completely useless and can even be bad to play and risk to lose because you are not even contributing towards the turn over demand.

How can online casinos limit a wager free bonus?

Online casinos can limit their wager free bonuses and worsen the quality of the wager free bonuses in different ways. Too many rules and terms or all the strict rules around wager free bonuses can make a wager free bonus that seems good at first glance, become worthless. The most common rules that exists for wager free bonuses are: The minimum deposit to get the bonus, max deposit to get the bonus, max bet during an active bonus, limited games to play during an active bonus and max withdrawal for an active bonus. All terms are normal and appears often. But it is important to take a closer look on all the points and read them all. It can be a deciding factor in choosing your online casino.
Minimum deposit to take part of a wager free bonus means that the players need too deposit a minimum set amount to get the bonus or free spins. We feel that it is good for a player to have as many alternatives as possible and that means that this limit should be as low as possible. It is especially beneficial if a certain amount of free spins are promised in conjunction with a deposit. If a player can make a low as possible deposit and still be able to take part of the free spins this is of course as good as possible since the free spins are given with a smaller deposit from the players side. A normal minimum limit on online casinos is 20 Euros and this is a good limit and a guideline to be on the lookout for. If the minimum amount is around or above 50 euros, you might want to think twice about using that one. A higher limit means that the online casino in question wants a bigger deposit from the player to give them the bonus and it is very boring that you cant choose to take a bonus because you do not want to deposit that much. You can on the other hand take into consideration how high the bonus is. A higher minimum deposit can sometimes mean a bigger bonus. This will up the quality and be more beneficial for the to take. It is also important to look at what amount the bonus has in comparison to your deposit.

Max deposit: Is as important to look at as the minimum deposit.
Just as the lower limit for a deposit to take part of a bonus, it is equally important to look at the higher limit. This limit shows you how high a bonus the online casino is prepared to give away. If an online casino has an offer on 100% deposit bonus, you can see how generous the online casino is if you look at the higher limit of the deposit bonus. The higher the limit, the higher the bonus you as a player can receive.

Max bet: with an active bonus or with bonus money or money that you have gotten through playing with free spins there can sometimes be rules and limitations on how high you can bet when playing. Even if a bonus is wager free the eventual winnings from that bonus be affected by this. If a max bet limit is very low, that means that you can bet higher amounts and might therefore miss out on chances to get bigger wins. A regular limit for max betting with a bonus is around 4 Euro/spin as well as when you are playing with an active bonus. This is a good limit when a bet on 4 Euro/spin usually qualify for the higher winnings and it is a pretty high limit. Lower max betting limitations than that you should look out for, you will most likely lose the option to choose over your own game and your play technique and you also lose the chance to win higher amounts for each spin if the value for each spin is lower.

Limitations in possible games to play:  With a bonuses, wether it has a turn over demand or is wager free, its rather common on most online casinos.
Because some games are known to give a higher payout in conjunction with bonuses, a lot of online casinos have chosen some games to be forbidden to play when you have an active bonus on your account. If you go into different online casinos and look at the limitations on games, you will often find the same games are limited. The thing you should be on the lookout for as a player is if the lists are very long or is drastically different from the lists that most online casinos have. The number of games that are included in these lists area round 25 slot games, except for Live casino, Video poker and table games. If the list is longer than that on an online casino you should question this and consider if you want to use the bonus or not.

Checklist before playing with wager free bonuses

– Read the terms for the bonus –
– Look at the maximum bet possible for the bonus –
– Look at the minimum deposit amount for the bonus –
– Look at the maximum deposit amount for the bonus –
– Look at the list over banned games –
– Check how long the bonuses are active –
– Check the maximum amount of withdrawals for the bonus –

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