Table games

Table games are the classic form of casino

Table games originates from the physical casinos that have long been connected with table games with just physical games in casinos.
Often when you think about Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and other big casinos you might have this picture of them: Happy people having fun both with other people and alone with dice games, roulette, baccarat, poker or craps.
But even these casino games have come into the online casino world and are actually among the most popular ones to play online.
With game suppliers like NetEnt and Evolution Gaming you can go straight into a grandiose and glimmering world class casino but from the relaxed environment of your living room!

These suppliers have cameras in real world casinos around the world and Live streams real dealers that will serve you on an online table, where you can meet and play with other casino goers in real time.
You have a big variation of games to choose from like Roulette, Blackjack and poker and the tables are many more than what you would usually find in a physical casino.
This gives the player a bigger range of games to choose from as well as finding a table that suits you.

If you do not want to play table games in live casinos it wont be a problem.
There are no obstacles for the one that wishes to play a table game in peace and quiet on a reality simulated game online.
Players can today choose sometimes up to 70 different types of table games on a regular online casino and try out their knowledge and practice their skills in a row of different variations of Blackjack, Roulette, Punto Banco, different poker-games, Caribbean Stud, Craps, Hold´em – games and much more.

Table games, something that is only for experienced players?

While table games once was seen as something for only pro players to play it have now, with todays modern technology and wider popularity become something more readily available for everyone and its easy even for a hobby player to make a buck on these games.
The most well known games in common tongue are Roulette, BlackJack and poker and we at has chosen to take a closer look at just these table games and meanwhile dedicate a chapter on poker.

If you continue to read this whole guide there will be no obstacles for you to head on out into the table game world and take it with storm!

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Roulette is a table game that most of us know about, a spinning wheel with 36 numbers excluding the 0.
The numbers are divided evenly in black and red and with the 0 being green.
In roulette the player can choose to gamble on numbers, parts of the table is divided in numbers, even numbers, odd numbers, red numbers, black numbers or green and zero.
When all bets are made, the dealer drops a ball in the opposite direction that the wheel is spinning, and everyone waits in anticipation on what number the ball is gonna land on.
In roulette you can by winning on a bet get as much as up to 36x the amount you put on the bet.
This in other words is a good profit-return on your bet.
Sure, its hard to hit the right number among the 36 other ones, but if the ball lands on your number you can get up to 36x your original bet.
This with other words requires many missed bets in a row to to lose against the big bet you can win when it lands on your number.
Besides winning 36x your bet by betting on a number you can of course bet on more simple odds, like red or black (50/50 chance to win) even or uneven numbers or numbers within a certain parameter.
Many Roulette-players even claim that they can read the pattern on the roulette game.
It is said that you should be able to se a pattern on how many times a certain number or numbers within a parameter is landed on and in that way experienced players can easier make the right bets.
Because this is a very interesting topic and there are plenty of material on google about this, it is a very exciting statement but nothing that we have tested and can therefore not get behind this or verify it.
But we can always get behind that Roulette is one of the most played table games and we really understand why. The excitement, the Glamour and being an easy game to play is a really winning game concept!


BlackJack or 21 as many call it, is a popular card game that revolves around getting the number 21 with your cards.
It is a card game that is seen a lot on Live tables all around the world.
It is a very simple card game and it is very common for new players that have just started to play for money to begin with, too later advance to Poker and other games, when you have gotten more game and card experience.

The simple goal for BlackJack is to beat the dealer by getting a total card value of 21.

You and the other players at the table can win either by getting 21 or as close to 21 as possible, or by getting a card-Value close to 21 than the dealer gets or by the dealer getting ”fat” as it is called or by other words the dealer gets a card-value over 21.
Even players can get a card-value that are higher than 21 and then they will lose the current round.
The expression ”Getting to fat” means that someone gets a card-value higher than 21.
A round starts when the dealer hands out a card to every player at the table.
When everyone has one card each the game starts.
From the right side, then all around the table the dealer will start to ask one player at a time if they want another card.
One card at a time will be dealt to the players and you only have one opportunity to take more cards.
The player can take how many cards they want from the dealer and the goal is to get too or as close as possible to the number 21 without exceeding the value.
When the first player has taken all the card he or she wants, it is the next players turn.
The order for card dealing will continue until all players have been asked to take more cards.
When all the players are satisfied with their cards, it is the dealers turn to take cards.
The same rules apply, the dealer needs a total card-value of 21 or as close to it as possible, but not above 21 and preferably have a higher combined card-value than all the players.
When all the players around the table have gotten their cards as well as the dealer, the following player will win: The players that have a higher total value on their cards while not exceeding 21 will win 1x their bet.
The players that gets a BlackJack: on other words the perfect number 21 (one ace and a Jack) will win 1,5x their bet.
The players that does not have a higher card-value than the dealer will lose the round.

BlackJack is in other words one of the most exciting but even one of the more simple table card-games that you can play online and live.
The availability on going live and online to play BlackJack is very popular and each day the BlackJack market grows.
On most online casinos you can play BlackJack live on the Live-casinos but if you feel the need to practice there are loads of BlackJack games available on online casinos.

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