Slots, a favourite online

Slots is todays modern interpretation of the so called one armed bandits.
One armed bandits were a casino game that was invented in the beginning of the 18-hundreds and it was a game machine, similar to todays machines that you can find in country based casinos, but with a lever in the side of the machine that you pulled to get the wheels inside the machine to spin, hence the name.
The very first machines was made up by three rows that spinned and to win you had to get more of the same symbols in a row.

Free games, wilds and bonuses in slots

Slot games are the modern days one armed bandits and is the one game that is played the most online today. Of course the development has come a long way and a slot-game today gives so much more enjoyment and is an experience like no other game.
we find slot-games in many different forms and the rows as well as the combinations of the rows can be many.
We can get symbols in different patterns, rows, here and there to get a win. There are slot-games where you can win on 104 different ways on only one spin.
Many of the slot-games has taken the development further with scatter-symbols (substitute-Symbols) that replaces and counts as any other symbol and in that gives you winning rows that would other ways be a loss, others have multiplication symbols or wild/Bonus symbols, free spins symbols that generates free spins on a hit.
The variations are almost as many as the range of slots-games and the range is enormous. A regular online casino can often offer up to 900 different slot-games.

Todays modern slot-games gives the player an experience for all your senses.
They use fantastic design, beautiful colors, shooting lights and mix it with awesome functions and sound effects. A slots-game today can give pleasure and savour the gaming experience on a whole new level. Because there is and infinite amount of range, there is a plethora of games for every taste and person.
There are loads of different game developers and some are proud to say that they hold a certain quality on their games.
Among the most well known we find the Swedish developers, NetEnt that are very good att delivering innovative and fun games with smart functions.
Not often NetEnt get inspiration or direct media from known movies and events, which contributes to the well known NetEnt effect.

Other known names are MicrGaming, Play N´go, Quickspinn and Betsoft and the list continues.
Most developers have their known Spins and niches on their games and often there is slots-games that are known from a developer, Starburst from NetEnt, MicroGaming with one of their many Movie screen-games like Jurassic world.

Slots – fast entertainment

With such a high grade of fun and factoring in the entertainment that Slots- games provides us with, its extremely easy to play and everyone can play!
How much stakes you want to put into the game is up to you, the player.

All games have a maximum stake-limit and a minimum as well, but the spectrum at most casinos are large.
The player chooses how many rows that should be staked for each spin, as well as the stake-limit for each row.
This results in a bet and for every spin in the game, this amount will be staked as long as you do not change your bet-amount.
There are often auto-functions which means that the player does not have to sit and klick for every spin but will instead turn on the auto-function that will make the game spin on its own and will place the same bet each spin until you either cancel the auto-function or close the game.
The goal of the gam is to get more symbols of the samekind in a row to win or to get different bonus-symbols that can give wins as well.
Often there are scatter symbols that will give wins but the most popular games  have a bonus function that which means that when you get a set amount of these symbols the game will trigger its bonus function that often gives spins with higher wins and more generous symbols during the time that the spins happens without the player being charged.
In other words, slots are very giving, it is a pleasure for all your senses and the chance to win are many and at the same time very entertaining. It is no surprise that slots are the most popular casino games!

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