Privacy Policy

Wager frees privacy policy Last changed and published: 2019.04.16

This privacy policy tells in what way information and data about you, personal info, is collected, stored and handled by us and what we are doing to protect and the security around your information to uphold applying data-protection laws and personal information laws.

BONDSAN MEDIA LIMITED has the main responsibility for storage of personal info and this privacy policy refers to BONDSAN MEDIA LIMITED responsibility for this. BONDSAN MEDIA LIMITED are located on 2.krs, 14 Athol Street, IM1 1JA, Douglas, Isle of Man.

Even if we have the main responsibility, it may occur that your information is stored on databases that are available for other companies. In every such case, the companies in question fulfils the legal requirements that are brought up here.

We ask you to carefully read through the following text to understand what information is stored, in what way we collect them, what we use them for and in what we are protecting them.

By visiting and using this/these site(s) you accept and confirm the given terms on this Privacy Policy.

We only treat information that you have approved and have given to us or that are necessary for the legal rights we have in a way that does not discriminate or violate other laws.

We only keep information as long as it is necessary to be able to deliver wanted services that you are using and at the same time fulfil the legal demands.

If you have any questions or wish to contact us, you can do so through a contact sheet on or webpage or by mailing to the contact info under the ”Contact” Page.

What info do we collect?
Information that you turn in to us

• If you fill in a contact sheet, the information that you give us will be stored, such as your name, phone number and email-address.

• If you send a Resumé or another personal document through any of our pages, the information such as your, Name, Employment record, date of birth, gender, occupation, email, phone number, photo, personal letter and other relevant information in your CV.

Information that we store

• Technical info such as your IP and webpage usage
• Information about your web browsing behaviour unit information, browser type and webpage usage.

Third party info
• It might occur that we use info from third parties to improve and personify your experiences on our pages.

2. What is our cookie policy?

We use cookies

We use cookies to be able to see who is using the page and who is just visiting, this helps us improve your experience on the page(s) and to give you a perfect user-experience.

• We use cookies to be able to see who is using the page and who is just visiting, this helps us improve your experience on the page(s) and to give you a perfect user-experience.

• You can choose to not allow storing of cookies but that would mean that our pages are not working at 100% and you wont be able to take part of certain functions. It can also make the webpage become slower and start getting navigation complications.
• To activate the usage of cookies, go to the settings page on your web browser.

What are cookies
• Cookies are a little bit of information that is saved in your browser when you visit a page.
Why do we use cookies

  • We use cookies to identify what language you are using, in that way the language is automatically changed when visiting our page.
  • To make our page(s) always work at peak efficiency and so that improvements can always be made.
  • To save certain settings you have made yourself on our page(s)• To analyse for example how often you visit us, what settings you make on our page(s), what preferences you have and to be used in reports on our page(s)
  • Sometimes there are cookies from a third party. These cookies are used for example, web tools, ads, integration of content from different social media pages and to measure the range of the pages.

Different storage times for different types of cookies

• Some cookies are stored only during the time you are on the page to show relevant information, so called session cookies. These disappear when you leave the page.

• Some cookies are called flow-cookies, These gives us no info about you all they do is give us a flow number. These cookies are only stored while you are navigating around our pages.

Some cookies are stored for a longer period of time, This allows our page to recognise you if you come back to the page after a period of time. You can for example see when you log into a webpage that you have not visited in a long time and the webpage still remembers your login info.

3. What do we use your information for?

  • To send advertisements and to marketing info about us, our products and our services.• To be able to improve our pages and give you the best personal experience possible• To be able to deliver the best info to you as possible based on your interests and preferences• To improve our offers and ads directed towards you• To make it possible that your usage of our pages is at its best and to provide you with services such as chats, reviews and comment possibilities for you• So that we are able to fulfil the legal demands or legal rights4. Who else has access to your info?• The parties that have access to your info are ones that are necessary to fulfil the legal demands and right.

    • Other parties that might have access to your info are the ones we are using to improve our webpages, provide you with services and products or to help us analyse and work on our pages and so we can send out our ads and marketing.

    • If we would sell, transfer or reorganise our business in some cases your information will also be transfered

    • in every such case the parties in question fulfils all the legal demands listed here.

  1. How do we protect your personal info?
  • We take it upon ourselves to protect the info we have about you and are taking all precautions to ensure that all information is stored safe and in agreement to the laws and policies.• We have dedicated anti fraud measurements and because of this we have advanced systems and techniques to discover and prevent dangerous activities and unauthorised access to your information.6. What are your rights?
  • You have the right to at anytime request all info we have about you• You have the right to at anytime request that all info about you is erased• You can contact us and change information about you that is faulty• You can request to know if we are handling information about you and in such cases even ask who else have access to the info• You can request that we limit the usage of your info• You can have objections agains our Privacy Policy and contact us about it• You have the right to give us complaints through our contact sheets or Email7. What can change and how?

    • This Privacy Policy can change and be updated from time to time depending on different changes in how we operate or changes in the laws.

    • Dates for the last update on our policies is always listed on this page.

    • If anything changes you will always be notified through Email, letts, pop up windows or notices.

    • If you wouldn´t accept or if you wish to change our access or our usage of information in anyway, you can always contact us

Complaints, wishes to change our handling of your personal information or a request about information, deletion of info or other questions can be mailed to: