What is a Poker bonus?

In addition to poker bonuses, free spins, free money and deposit bonuses, there are offers meant for play on the online casinos live games. Live games online is a very big and wide area within the online casino world and it is very popular. In live casinos you will enter a world that gives you a feeling that you are actually inside a real casino. Many live casinos have live cameras, they broadcast directly from real casinos which adds to the experience and makes it so that the feeling of being inside a casino for real with a physical presence is on the highest level possible. Inside of live casinos you can choose to play different kind of games, think that all the worlds live casinos are gathered in one place, you have access to everything! Pick and choose between roulette-games, BlackJack-tables, Poker-tables and much much more!

But what kind of poker bonuses are there to take advantage of on online casinos? Many time different online casinos have campaigns and competitions where you can play and test different live games and even compete in roulette tournaments and card-game tournaments. The most common card game is poker, and bonuses for just Live Poker  are the most occurring and there are a few variations. In this chapter we will go over the different kind of bonuses that are available for live Poker. There are a whole lot of sites that specialise in online poker and usually players can find different kind of poker bonuses there. It can vary between bonuses that requires a deposit, free bonuses, wager free bonuses and bonuses with a turn over demand.


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Poker bonuses without deposits


The most occurring poker bonuses that exists which does not require a deposit can be summarised to two different poker bonus types. The first one we have chosen to go over is Rake back bonuses. Rake back bonuses are shaped like bonuses to recruit people to their poker sites. You do not have to make a deposit to get the bonus but instead you get the bonus by recruiting players to the poker sites. To explain how this concept works we will start with an explanation of the word Rake. When you play poker, you play against other players and you can win and lose against the other players.
There is no so called ”House”, meaning that you are not playing against the casino but only against the other players. For examples at BlackJack, the players play against the casino through the dealer. In BlackJack, the house/the casino makes money when you and the house loses money if they lose. In poker the house can neither make nor lose money because there is no dealer to play against, only other poker players. But the casino still needs to make money somehow, the solution to this is Rakes, an admission calculated to a percentage and this is applied to all the poker games in the casino.
The Rake becomes the casinos profits on poker games.

A rake back is a cash back of the rake a player brings to the casino.
How you calculate the Rake back depends on how much the players you have recruited to the casino are playing for and that is the deciding factor on how much the Rake value is for the player in question. The Rake back, which means that what you get back is often a percentage. The percentage is often only a couple percent but what happens mostly is that it becomes higher depending on how much Rake the players you recruit produces. That means that you cant get a Rake back on a player that you have recruited unless they are entirely new and you cant get it on already registered members.
The Rake back is only applicable on newly registered players. But you can make a couple of different Rake back deals. Either the Rake back can be counted in a percentage of the Rake that is produced by your own recruited players or the Rake back can be counted in a percentage of the total Rake value that all players around a poker table are contributing with. Rake back on only one player is called a Rake base while Rake back on all players around a table is called a Rake share.

Free roll

Another common poker bonus is called a Free roll tournament. A Free roll tournament is often made up of a sponsored pot or a price that the gaming company, the online casino in question, have provided. In a Free roll tournament you can participate for free and play to win the pot or parts of it. Sometimes the price can be that you advance to a bigger tournament or another poker game for free. Free poker tournaments are often free to participate in, but sometimes you might have to do a buy in even to Free roll tournaments. There are lots of free, Free roll tournaments and players can daily find Free roll tournaments to join.

Omsättningsfriabonusar freeroll bonus för svenskar 2018

Free roll tournaments

When a Free roll tournament is not just about a specific price pot but instead the price is a ticket into another tournament is called a freeroll-ticket. Instead of playing and competing over a price pot made up of money, you can instead play and compete for a ticket to another tournament. And in that what you have a chance that through free roll tournaments climb up into bigger live tournaments where there is a lot of money on the line.
Two known poker players that have gone onwards to real live tournaments through Freeroll tournaments are, Chris Moneymaker and Greg Raymer, that won the world series of poker main event for 21 st century poker tour, both by getting into the tournament through free roll tournaments.

Deposit bonuses

And then of course we have deposit bonuses, that are applicable in the online world of poker. Deposit bonuses for poker works in the same way as for regular deposits on casinos. You deposit and get a certain percentage on your deposit as a bonus. For example, it can be a 100% bonus up to 20 Euro in deposit. This means that you deposit maximum 20 Euro and get 20 Euro as a bonus, so you get 40 Euro to play online poker for. Poker bonuses are most common in live games where you make a deposit to play but in some cases a certain bonus can occur even in tournaments. For example, some sites might pay for the tournament entry fee. Another type of poker bonus is called a Reload bonus. It is often used by online casinos to attract existing or to get the already registered players to come to the poker games. Offers can be wager free or with a turn over demand. A reload bonus in wager free poker games can mean that if you make a new deposit, you will get a set amount or a set percentage on your deposit as free money to play for. If it is not wager free it would mean that for example, you have to play an X amount of hands before the bonus amount counts as being turned over. Within poker even a bonus like that be good and provide the player with a nice boost even if we here on always strive for the wager free bonuses.

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