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There is a large selection of payment options on todays online casinos and all are safe alternatives to choose from. In this chapter we will take a closer look at the payment options that are most common for deposits and withdrawals.
The methods may vary, from ordinary credit cards to online wallets of different kinds, to direct bank transfers, etc. Among the more unusual ways now a day there are payment options such as pre paid cards, mobile payments and a physical bill, and the physical bill option is growing in popularity. If you read this guide, you will get a good overview and opinion on the different payment options that are available. Basically every method that is offered by an online casino can be used. All approved and licensed online casinos have the best security and are following the laws and the safety regulations there is to guarantee safe payments and payment solutions the exists for both deposits and withdrawals, are safe  and controlled and the services can be use by anyone.

Omsättningsfria Bonusar Betalningsalternativ Trustly Visa Mastercard Zimpler Skrill Paysafe Neteller

What is available for you in your country may vary and it might even vary what options you have to choose, depending on what bank you have, what sort of cards you have, etc. every online casino usually lists what methods are available and what methods to use on both deposits and withdrawals. Often times there are separate menu options or lists where the online casinos names  the method for withdrawals and the deposits. Important info such as availability, how fast the transactions are going and transaction and minimum and maximum amount for the chosen payment option are usually listed as a short summary on each method. In that way you can usually take a simple and quick look ver the online casinos selections of payment solutions and you can choose one for yourself. Many online casinos offers free transaction fees and both deposits and withdrawals are free on such sites. It is important in todays very hard targeted competition within online casinos and it is very beneficial for the players to not lose on neither deposits or withdrawals. Unfortunately there are casinos to this day despite the competition that will charge for transactions, wether its deposits or withdrawals, this is something we recommend that you look up before you make any transactions on a online casino. It can come as a nasty surprise to discover that a transaction has costed you money when you have only thought of depositing one amount. Among the top three best payment options we find, Bank transfer, Credit card payment and online wallets.

Bank transfer

Bank transfer might just be the most original payment option but is still among the most used method of paying. It works well for both deposits and withdrawals and the method often allow higher amounts for both deposits and withdrawals. It is safe in the way that you use your bank service directly without a third party interaction. The transfer happens instantly between the bank and the online casino. Though there are some online casinos that does not allow direct transfer but in those cases a middle man is often introduced with enough security to handle the transaction. This type of service is very popular in for example Sweden that use the services called Trustly or Neteller as a payment option. Bank transactions costs money but most of the online casinos today will pay the fee so that the wont even notice it.

Card payments

Credit card payment is another type of popular payment option and is used in the same way as you use your credit card online as for anything else. The most common cards are VISA and Mastercard and both cards are regularly used to make deposits and withdrawals on online casinos. VISA Electron is another card that sometimes makes and appearance but sadly, this is not always functional to make deposits or withdrawals, even if its getting more and more accepted. Mastercard is often good for deposits and withdrawals but there are a few online casinos that wont allow Mastercard as an option for withdrawals. This is sometimes handled simply by making a bank transfer instead in those cases and then the withdrawal will go directly into the players account. VISA for the most part works for most payment options everywhere both for deposits and withdrawals and VISA can even offer direct, safe account transactions through their own verified by VISA- Program.

Online Wallet

The most common Online wallets are Skrill and Neteller but for many even EcoPayz and Paypal are trusted payment options. The usage of online wallets are constantly increasing. Besides it going fast, simple and smooth, there are other advantages like lower transaction costs and faser transfers. There is an upstream of different online wallets for you to choose from, while the most common are mentioned above. You can of course without a doubt choose an option that is best for you, depending on what alternatives are being offered by the casino you want to play on.  If we take a closer look at Skrill on the other hand we can see that this method is used by over 35 million people, world wide and mostly by online casino players. It was launched in 2001 under the name of Moneybookers so it was a pretty new payment option but they have rapidly grown strong thanks to the smooth and simple design. Easy to call Handel services and the low fees. Neteller is an older payment option. Their support is dedicated and the have a good reputation of  having fast and efficient offer. The costs for Neteller is slightly higher than Skrill, but the transactions are equally direct and fast both, work perfect!

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