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Online poker is a very popular form of poker

Poker: A dark room with low lights, weird types with covered faces, caps pulled down on their foreheads and sunglasses. It is smoky, dark, and the air is filled with a thick electrifying excitement Or is it? Not really, even if people like to paint up poker for being a game for the Pros like in the movies, high bets and threatening people, the reality is far less dramatic.
Do you have to be a pro to play poker at the tables? Do you have to take courses for help? Go to poker-school? Like Brad Pitt in Oceans Eleven teaching the dumb Hollywood-stars to play the game?

Online poker – from TV to the internet

Poker is a card game made for everyone that likes pleasure and being in control of their luck.
there are different stages of poker, from hobby poker to serious tournaments that are being broadcasted on live TV.
There are lots of known poker players all around the world that have made themselves fortunes through pro poker-games and are making a living out of this classic Card-game.

There are different types of poker, almost as many different types as there are cards in a deck.
Known poker variants are Texas Hold´em, Caribbean Poker, American Poker and European Poker.
the principal is the same: There can only be one winner at the table every round, and the one with the most skill or most luck will be the one to win over everyone else at the table.
The rounds are played until there is only one winner either by their opponents losing all their bets or until they leave the table.
Before a round starts, everyone will place a starting bet on the two cards they have on hand and the betting continues during the different phases under the round.
the well known phrase ”Call” originates from poker where the opponents have the possibility to Call another players bet.
The cards are revealed at the end of the round and the player with the strongest combination of cards on their hand as well as on the table will win.
You have the option to bluff a hand by for example raise the bet at the table and hoping that your opponent will fold their hand and therefore forfeiting the round.
But be careful, a more experienced player and people knower will call your bluff and match your wager, maybe you will lose a round or maybe your bluff will work and you will win!
Or you might even have an unbeatable hand and win over the table, it is after all cards and not everything has to be a bluff.

Online Poker, All in

Another known poker term is ”All in”.
this means that a player will put their entire stack of chips into the betting-pot, during a round. This often means that the player has a very strong card combination or i might even be a bluff.
When a player goes ”All in” the other players at the table will have the option to do the same, and all of a sudden there is tons of money in the pot.
The one that comes out on top after a round where multiple players around the table can look forward to a nice refill for his or hers stack of chips, or as you put it in poker terms ”Row home” the entire pot.

Poker, excitement at different levels of play

Poker is one of the most exciting card games and one of the most profitable game.
The difficulty varies and are many.
It is often reflected in minimum entry bet at the table.
When poker for the first time, at the beginning of the 90´s, went online, webpages like PokerStars went viral.
With big-players and the first real online poker-millionaires, online poker sky-rocketed and became a big success and regular hobby-players found a ever increasing interest.
PokerStars even to this day is one of the largest online poker sites in the world with representatives like Christian Ronaldo as a front figure.
Today the online poker world is dominated first and foremost by hobby and at home players.
As an online poker player today you do not have to worry about ending up at a table filled with pros, it is the other way around todays online casinos offer tables that are safe from cheating and card-counting, with the opportunity for new players to win and have fun.
Online Poker today are making big investments just so they can be able to offer a guaranteed pleasure and give easy access to new players and the amount of poker tables at a online casino is so great and easy to participate at, that even the newest of player, can make a big profit and at the same time enjoy a real life casino experience, like the ones you would have at a physical table.
Many online casinos are even offering bonuses and offers aimed at online table-games and sometimes you will even find wager free bonus offers for table games online, of course you will find the best and most beneficial ones here with us on inside our casino-guide.

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