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Odds have for a long time been one of the most popular pursuits online and was maybe the beginning of online casino activities in general. For a long time people have liked to play and place odds on live sports and the sortiment of sports you can place odds on today is huge. You can play on everything from Football, tennis, swimming, ice hockey, basketball, rugby, basically every sport. Today you can even play on the odds of the chances that a player will bite another player, if someone is gonna trip and fall or even who is gonna get injured first in a match. The possibilities for games, game events and even other events are infinite. Yes, now a day you can even place bets and odds on Eurovision song contest! But what are there for bonuses? What are there for odds? And what are the possibilities for the bonuses within this category?

In this chapter we will go over odds, odds bonuses and how you best use them. Odds bonuses can be a good way to increase your wager in a bet or an odds. If you want to play an odds, a bonus could increase your money and in that way be able to put more into the odds and win more on the odds. A good odds bonus can increase your betting potentials with up to 25 percent, without you having to be affected by a turn over demand. You can basically increase your bet with 25% for free which can be a very strong asset when it comes to odds where you not to often bet on games where you can win your bet many times around. And if you have a odds bonus that gives you an opportunity to bet an even larger amount, it could be a real winning combination!

Odds bonus deposits

Ordinary odds bonuses means free odds and a possibility to bet in a game with and extra odds bonus in conjunction with your deposit. It is the odds games equivalent to a deposit bonus. A common solution is that you get free odds money to play for when you make a deposit on the casino, wether the deposit is intended for the live casino, bets on slots or odds. The casino will boost you with free money to play with on a sport of your choice in the sport section of the online casino when you make a deposit on the page. Usually there is a minimum and maximum deposit demand and the odds bonus can equal either a percentage or a set amount of your deposit.

Free odds bonuses

Sometimes free odds bonuses will occur. These bonuses does not cost the player anything and does not demand a deposit. Often it is in conjunction with a sport event, a campaign or if the casino has a certain offer or event to get the players to come to the sport section of the site and try it out. With a free odds bonus your account will be boosted with money that are only available for odds. For the most part the games that you can use your free odds money on are limited but it can still give you a good game experience and a fun possibility to place odds and play for free. Foremost its fun for the inexperienced player and a safe way to try out betting on sports. Sometimes these free odds bonuses could be handed out in form of gaming coupons. With a gaming coupon, the player can go onto the online casinos sport sections and choose between the sport you want to place a bet on. It is always important to read the terms and conditions for these bonuses. Because odds often can give one that plays with bonuses a good profit for free, they are equally often limited to protect the casino against too big losses and it is very important for the player to read the rules and terms before they start playing.

The best odds bonuses

When you are playing with odds and are looking for the best odds bonuses, it is important to take som factors into consideration. As a player you want good terms on your odds bonus, you do not want want to win a big odds only to then lose a big portion of it because the rules and terms are bad or hard to interpret. It is also important that the online casino you choose to play sports on have a good sport section with a lot of games, matches and good odds. Often the odds may vary on different online casinos and it is worth a while to look around before choosing what online casino you want to play on. Sometimes the odds can be significantly different between different online casinos. When betting on sports you might often find yourself on a live match at the same time that you are choosing to place an odds on your favourite team to win. It can therefore also be good to keep in mind to check out the mobile version of the online casino. A casino that has a well developed mobile page, high resolution on the webpage and good, fast updating but above all simple design is key when you are in the moment of a exciting game and want to place your odds. If you find a page that fulfil all these criteria and that have good customer service and a generous bonus system, you are ready to play!

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