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New online casinos 2019 – Complete list

News within the online casino world always provides a fresh dose of game enjoyment and inventiveness within the industry.
Its inescapable that beginners always comes with new ideas, cool designs and generous offers.
The tough competition in the industry and the enormous amount of available online casinos force the news to think of ny lucrative bonuses and free spin systems and they make everything go forward faster.
We are always happy to see new casinos but of course they have to be looked at under a microscope and checked to eliminate bad terms and ill thought out bonus systems.

New online casinos 2019

The new online casinos that you find in our guides have all been checked and inspected by our casino experts.
Their independent reviews goes through the most vital points that needs overlooking.
In our guides you get an overview of the most important rules you should know about.
What offers that are available to you.
The amount of games and the design of the webpage is being overlooked and support and payment methods are being tested.
everything to make sure that you safely can have the best and most fun casino experience!

For the upcoming year 2020 we are expecting even more progress within the online casino world.
Besides a whole lot of new online casinos being launched we are expecting big news from the game providers with new fresh games and modern, newly developed functions.
To be able to keep track of everything and not miss and of the latest news you can always come to, where we are constantly updating all the new online casinos that are worth a try.
As usual we are going to be on the hunt after the most beneficial bonuses and wager-free offers, but to the upcoming 2020 we have a big surprise for all of our readers that are going to get a whole lot of specially designed offers that we have negotiated with new online casinos only for our members!

What are the new casinos promising for 2019?

Virtual reality casinos are going to keep on growing.
You have long been able to get VR-glasses to get a real and authentic casino experience and the development of of this is going to keep going forward and this will mean that the previously expensive VR-glasses are going to become cheaper so that even more people will be able to get the best experience in virtual reality.
The year 2020 will be the year when online casinos enter your living-room for real!

The free spins keep on evolving and changing into new types of free spins.
We have already seen the development going from restrictions on free spins and bad wagering to a more relaxed and positive view on free spins from online casinos and a progress that has given us wager free free spins on most sites.­­­­­­­­­­­

And the progress will continue in 2020.
We have already gotten a taste on variants like Big spins, Mega spins and Maxi spins and we are excited to se what more 2020 will have in store for us!

The games are constantly being reinvented.
With a bigger interest for online games and an ever more growing audience the demands on games are getting higher as well as the variation that players need to have fun.
The game providers are not late to the party and during 2020 we can expect to see many new game news as well as inventive variations on online casino games.
we believe that the games will offer experiences and functions that have previously been impossible, and with the new functions we are as excited as ever to see what kind of bonus functions and triggers that will be developed!


Adventure casinos will keep on growing.
The first big adventure casinos came as early as a couple of years ago but it is not until the latest two years that they have captured the players eyes and interest.
The game providers have also started to develop more and more adventure focused games, and if the progress for online casinos will keep on growing and evolving during 2020 we can look forward to an even bigger amount of adventure casinos and a growing variation for online casinos where you can go not only to play on slots but also go on a adventure, climb the ranks, gather points and transform your casino experience to an online adventure!

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