Free Spins för svenskar 2018Free spins means that you get just that, free spins on an online casino. You can use them to spin on a slot games for real winnings but with no betting on your own money. Frees pins allows players to play games and winning without spending money. The winnings from the free spins are real because they work just as if you would be betting your own money. You go into the game and start spinning, you will receive winnings and can even get bonuses and jackpots just like in a ”real spins” but without having to spend your own money.


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Free spins that are wager free

When you receive free spins from a online casino, you will often get them on a pre decided game of the online casinos choosing, you will only have to go into the game and start playing for free. The winnings from the game is added to your account with your own money if the free spins are wager free.
If there is a turn over demand on your free spins, they are added to a bonus account within your account and has to be turned over according to the demand before it can be withdrawn. We on will of course remove free spins with a turn over demand from our website and will only be presenting the best frees pins for our readers, the wager free frees pins.

Free spins that are wager free are often seen as if the player goes into a game where the free spins have been handed out. You will see a predetermined value on the spins and you have the opportunity to spin and play for free. The bets and rows in the game you will not be able to affect when playing with free spins. The value on your free spins is pre-set by the online casinos.
How many you get will vary and it depends on the offer.
Online casinos can offer everywhere between 10 up to 100 free free spins.
Free spins can have different values. If you look at a game to see what the lowest value for a bet is, it is often that value you will get for free. Free spin offers are not free but are activated on deposits. Offers can often times look like this, you are offered X amount of free spins for a deposit that you makes.
Often times you will see offers like ” deposit 10 Euro and get 10 free spins” but you can also see other offers where you can collect free spins, for example, you collect 1 free spin for a certain game for every 1 Euro you deposit.

Big, Maxi and Megaspins

Even if it is most common for frees pins to be offered on a game, it can also happen that an online casino offers free spins on a game of your own choice. In one of those offers, the player is often offered to receive free spins that they get to choose on what game they want to use them on. For example, you can get a offer on a certain amount of free spins if you make a deposit on three different games. You will the have the option to choose which of those three games you wish to use your free spins on and the frees pins will get used up on the chosen game.

The value of free spins can also vary. Even if it is most common to get free spins at the lowest value, the online casinos can still sometimes offer so called big spins, Maxi spins or Mega spins. The name of the free spins depends on what bet value the the spin has. The definitions of Big, maxi and mega does not have a predetermined value, it is up to the online casinos to name their free spins too a little more fun names to ascertain that the value of those free spins are higher than usual. Free spin offers that are named differently of this kind or are similar for example means that for the most time the value on the free spins is higher. For example, a spin on one of the free spins with a higher value, a so called big spin, might be worth 1 Euro or more instead of the minimum value of 0.10 Euro. The point of big spins off this kind, the free spins with a higher value so to speak is that even the winnings are bigger and the chances of a higher win is higher for the player. If you get big spins and and play with them, it will mean that you can spin at a higher bet in games, meaning the value of your free spin, and because of this, if you would get a win, the win also increases in value. Just like if you would bet a higher amount in a game and in that way are looking for wins of a higher value, you will with free big spins get a higher chance for big wins that you wont have to spend more of your own money on. Sometimes the player can choose to get regular free spins or big spins of a higher value. Often times it varies in such a way that if you choose regular free spins you get a bigger amount of free spins to play for and if you choose big spins you will get fewer spins but of higher value. What you prefer is entirely up to you, it depends if you like to bet higher but smaller amount of times or if you would rather spin more times but at a lower value.

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