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Free money is money that are put into a players account by the casino and that does not require a deposit. It is not unusual that money is given out to the player in conjunction with the registration but often this free money are limited to a certain withdrawal amount and tied to a turn over demand.
Wager free free money can also occur. Usually the account is boosted with money from the online casino and the player has the option to choose a game of their choice to spend the free money on. The difference between free and free spins is that with a free spin bonus you are limited to the game where the free spins are applied meanwhile the free money is put into the players account and can therefore be used on any games and on any amount of the bets you want to.

The advantage of free money?

The advantage of free money is that the player has the option to try out the online casino for free without making a deposit and be able to play the games for real bets where the winnings are real. With an account that has been provided with free money by the online casino the player has the option to choose what game they want to use it on, choose the bet amount and can vary their game rounds at their leisure, exactly the way you can with your own deposits. Free money is not just added too newly opened accounts even if it is a common offer to attract new members and new players to the online casinos. Sometimes free money and offers of free money be part of a campaign, for instance, when a new game is launched, or during an ongoing event on an online casino. Just like free spin offers and deposit bonuses, free money can be a good way for the online casinos to show their good will for their players as well as increase the game enjoyment and add extra pleasure and excitement.

Free money

Sometimes free money can be given out to players in different tournaments and competitions but sometimes you can even see lotteries where money is given out to online casino members. It is not unusual for online casinos to invite and engage their players to a place where they can interact, compete and win free money. For example, the online casinos can organise tournaments and competitions where entry for members is free or alternative demands a deposit and the players can during a set amount of time collect points to later turn it in for free money. Even if its not competitions, some casinos even have point-systems for everything the player is playing.
In the point-system the player collects points for all gaming activity and you can often follow the scoreboard in a online point-bar on your account.
It is sometimes pre-determined that the points will be traded for free money or free spins, but many online casinos even offers so called point-shops, where the players can choose to trade points for different services. The services can vary from free spins, big spins, bonuses or cash backs.

Cash back

Cash back is another common system that is used by online casinos to give back money to the players. Many online casinos will give a wager free cash back to their player base, based on the players activities during a certain amount of time. Cash backs is often calculated on the players losings and is after that a percentage is created. A ordinary cash back percentage you see online varies between 5% cash back, 10% cash back, up to 25% cash back. A regular system is that the cash back is counted in periods of weeks and is payed out to the players accounts once a week. A cash back is, as the name suggests, money back. Cash backs are clean money that are put into the players active account and the money can be used just as you do with your own deposits. One cash back per week that is based on the players activities during the week is a good way to motivate your members to be active and at the same time a good way to give back to the players each week. Free money, cash backs, money based competitions and money lotteries are always a generous way for online casinos to show appreciation to their members. Because these kind of  bonuses are pure money that the players can actually withdraw it is the most costly bonuses for online casinos because they risk that the players will just withdraw their money and wont play. But it is a generous type of bonus and is at most times appreciated. In the long run, many online casinos are happy to have satisfied and pleased customers, the bonuses in the form of free money is a good way to keep a long and healthy relationship between the online casino and the player.

Gratis pengar, cashback, pengatävlingar och pengalotterier är alltid ett generöst sätt för casinon att visa uppskattning till sina medlemmar. Eftersom dessa sorters bonusar är rena pengar som spelarna faktiskt kan ta ut är det en av de mest kostsamma sorters bonusarna för casinon då de riskerar att spelarna tar ut pengarna direkt till kontona. Men det är en generös typ av bonus och det uppskattas för det mesta. I långa loppet är många casino glada att ha nöjda medlemmar och glada spelare och bonusar av typen gratis pengar är ett bra sätt att hålla en bra relation mellan casino och spelare.

Think about the bonus terms

Free money is always very fun for the player and a good way for the online casino to increase their level of quality. But one should be careful as a player with free money since there is often times rules and terms to keep in line with.
Even i fits fun to play for free money and you are able to increase your chances to win, you should always read the rules and terms. There are often certain limitations for free money which means that you are limited in your choices on how much you can bet, what games you can play and a maximum amount of how of much you can withdraw for games using free money. It can in other words add much joy, increase your chances to win but if you do not read the terms and rules, playing your game using free money can be in vain.
Always read the terms and rules for games with free money so that you can maximise your fun and your winnings without risking breaking the terms and rules.

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